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Kanvaga Bay, Rennell Island, Solomon Islands

Kanvaga Bay, Rennell Island, Solomon Islands

Kanvaga Bay, Rennell Island, Solomon Islands

One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen on my trip was Kangava Bay on Rennell in the Solomon Islands. This beautiful bay, which would be a packed with tourists if it were anywhere else on Earth, had only a few families with small wooden houses living near it. We stopped here to fix a flat tire and everyone ate fresh coconut while we waited. Because of its remote location, Rennell attracts only a few visitors every year.

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  1. MLRebecca says:

    Amazing! This looks like the work of a Holllywood sound stage. I can't believe that places so gorgeous and serene actually exist. I hope that I will also be able to make it to the Solomon Islands. Thanks you for posting!

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