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Bangkok Days and Bangkok Nights

Busy street in Bangkok

Busy street in Bangkok

When I go to big cities, I tend to wind up just being a resident more than a tourist. I’ve done a few of the big things to see here in Bangkok, but there is a lot more I haven’t done. I’ve been sticking close to the area around my hotel, which has plenty to experience.

Once of the things I’ve been doing is making it a habit to eat at as many street vendors as possible. Bangkok is by far the best city for street food I’ve visited. In addition to very pedestrian food (by my standards) like fruit, small sausages and noodles, I’ve also had pig intestine, chicken feet and insects. Not only is the food good and cheap, but the devices the vendors use to get around are amazing feats of engineering. They are mini restaurants mounted to a motorcycle. I’ll be doing a full podcast or post on street vendors soon.

Wat Phra Kaew

Wat Phra Kaew

I was able to meet up with Nomadic Matt a few nights ago. He lives in the area I’m staying and we met up at one of his favorite expat bars. Most of the bars around here have Thai bar girls who grope you and try to get you to take them home. I’ve been avoiding them and it was nice to go to a bar without any of that. The bar (pub I guess as it was British) had free wifi, which was also nice. Matt was the second blogger I’ve been able to meet on the road, having met Dave from in Bali.

I’ve probably met more Americans in Bangkok than I have in all the other places I’ve been on my trip combined. I have no idea why so many congregate in Bangkok, but they do. I’m not even in the backpacker area.

I’m going to have to get moving soon as my visa expires in a week. That is as good of an excuse as any to head over to Cambodia. I’m sure I’ll end up back here on my way out of SE Asia as it is sort of the hub for the region. As Americans don’t need to apply for a visa to Camboida anymore, I’ll probably get my Vietnam and Laos visas in Phon Phen. Other than my Kiribati fiasco, these with be the first countries I’ve had to apply to enter.

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  1. JetPunk says:

    I visited Thailand last year. The combination of people, stench, heat and food in Bangkok was crazy, and it was in the middle of their water festival so I couldn't walk more than 2 feet without getting a bucket of water thrown on me.

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