I Feel Crappy, Oh So Crappy

About a half hour after I posted about the new website last night, my body went into full scale revolt. I spent the next several hours either on, or above the toilet as my body expelled every bit of food from my system. I’ve spent most of today sleeping. I got up around noon to eat something. I had miso soup and few pieces of sushi, then went back to bed. I spent all day sleeping, waking up to take a hot shower, then going back to sleep. My whole body aches right now and I’m still probably a bit dehydrated. My dinner was sliced fruit.

The Chinese lady who runs the place I’m staying at has been wonderful. Every time I come downstairs, she is saying “Mister Gary. You must eat something. Let me make something for you”. I’m going to stay in KL a few more days until I feel better. The place I’m staying is nice and affordable with free wifi, so I figure I’ll just stay put.

Thanks for the comments on the new layout of the site. I have a list of changes and fixes I’ll have to make.

With that, I’m going back to bed….