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Gary is currently in Appleton, WI (May 15th, 2015)

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Daily Travel Photo – Apia, Samoa

The grave of Robert Lewis Stephenson in Samoa. He moved to Samoa and died there. His house was used by the Governor General of the island and later the president of Samoa. He was highly respected by the Samoans. When he died, his casket was passed hand to hand by Samoans up a mountain to […]

Cya Coober Pedy

I’m off to Alice Springs tomorrow at 5:30am. The bus schedules out there are really odd. I took a lot of photos and video the last few days and hope to be editing them over the next few days. Coober Pedy is a very unique place. I’m having a hard time trying to explain everything […]

Daily Travel Photo – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A high dynamic range photo of the inside of the Melbourne Cathederal. I didn’t have a tripod for this. I had to rest the camera on a railing and took three exposures.

Wells Fargo Still Sucks

Guess who’s favorite bank suspended his debit card again while he was out in the middle of the Australian outback?? Wells Fargo, I hate you with the hate of a thousand suns.

Daily Travel Photo – Mungo National Park, NSW, Australia

These are fossilized wombat bones sticking out of the sand in Mungo National Park. The wombat probably died near a lake before the end of the last ice age about 20,000 years ago. These bones are constantly appearing in Mungo as the sand erodes.

Coober Pedy

I’ve left Adelaide and am now in Coober Pedy, South Australia. This town is……unique. The place i’m stayin is 15 feet underground. Many of the buildings here are underground, built by miners looking for opal. The town sort of looks like Tatooine from Star Wars. My bus arrived at 5am and I slept until 11am. […]

Swiss Army Knife of Travel Gadgets: iPod Touch 2.0

Hands down, without question, the most handy travel gadget I have is my iPod Touch. It isn’t just a music player. It is a host of useful things which fit into my pocket. Along with my wallet, it is the only thing which is on my person 24/7 whenever I’m not in the shower. I […]

Episode 4 – I Dream of Fiji

I shot a lot of video when I was in the Pacific. This is the first of what will be occasional episodes where I share some of the footage I took. This was taken on Waya Lailai island in the Yawasawa Islands in Fiji.

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