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Passport Blues

Posted by on February 17, 2008

Still no reply from the US Consulate in Melbourne after four days. The consulate is structured such that you cannot actually talk to any Americans if you go to the consulate. The lobby is a security area and they wont let you in unless you have an appointment already. The only way I can get an appointment is to lie on the form or get a reply from my email. I looked into lying on the form and the earliest I can get an appointment is on Feb. 28……10 days from now.

The site says I should mail my application in, but I’m worried that if they can’t reply to an email, if I put my passport into an envelope I’ll never see it again and I’ll be in deeper shit than I am right now. Also, I wont have a return address. If they can’t even schedule a 10 min appointment for 10 days, I’m not sure how they can process a passport in the time I’ll be in Melbourne.

My other option is to try the consulate in Sydney or the Embassy in Canaberra (both of which I’m visiting), or try another country entirely. I know from talking to staff in the Solomon Islands that the Papua New Guinea Embassy does do passports and my guess is that they aren’t that busy. If not that, I could try Singapore.

The key is to get it renewed before April 20. Many countries wont let you in if your passport has less than six months left. Mine expires in October, so that is my hard deadline.

How many people who travel require passport renewals? How often do Americans in Australia require it? They are good for 10 years. Something this simple and done so infrequently shouldn’t be this difficult. When I went to the embassy in Manila, I was able to just go in, take a number, and see someone at a window. It was just like going to the DMV. While going to the DMV isn’t a pleasant experience, it beats the hell out of having to schedule an appointment to go to the DMV.

I Need Help

Posted by on February 16, 2008

I’m putting up the bat signal on this one. I prefer to keep my posts on the website on topic with my trip, but I need help and I figure it would be easiest to just make a general plea.

There are several things I’d like to fix on my site before I leave Melbourne and I’m having problems getting help. I am in need of someone who knows php and javascript to do some changes to the WordPress template I’m using for my site.

1) The list of places and World Heritage sites on the right is getting way too long. It is only going to get bigger. I’d like to make the list collapsible so it doesn’t take up as much space. If you know how to do such things, what I’m doing right now is just plain HTML by hand. Every time I go to a new place I just add a new bullet in the outline. I have no problem continuing to do it by hand, but I need the script to make it collapse. If you view source, you can see the exact HTML I’m using.

2) If you notice, there aren’t links at the bottom of the page for “older” and “newer”. This makes it really hard to navigate to older posts for people who first discover the website. I’ve seen other sites using my theme which have this, so it should be possible, but I have no idea what to do to turn it on.

3) I want to make some changes to my header.

I think these things might be pretty easy if the right person looks at it.

If anyone can help, or if you know anyone who can help, please let me know.

First Impressions of Melbourne

Posted by on February 15, 2008

I’m plowing through my photos. If you take a look at my Flickr stream, you can seem I finished Sabah and Jakarta yesterday. I’m hoping to get everything else done today. I think everyone at this hostel thinks I’m weird because I sat in front of my computer most of yesterday.

The process of getting my passport renewed is much more complicated than it needs to be. I went to the US Consulate which is close to where I’m staying. They said I had to schedule an appointment to get my passport renewed. However, I couldn’t just schedule an appointment, I had to go online to schedule an appointment. The consulate website doesn’t let you schedule an appointment for a normal passport renewal, just for the oddball cases. So I sent an email which I haven’t gotten a reply to yet. (I have sent email to embassies and consulates in Fiji and the Solomon Islands as well. Never got a reply from them either).

So in addition to making it hard to even schedule an appointment, they wont give you the forms to fill out either. You have to print those off of pdf forms from the website. Getting the pdf isn’t a big deal, but finding a printer is a pain in the ass.

I know, just know, that if I can get an appointment and fill out the form correctly, something else will happen to screw this up. That is how much faith I have in bureaucracy.

The area around my hostel is very nice. I’m a block from the botanical garden, which is probably the nicest urban park I’ve ever seen. South of me is another park with six cricket ovals and just north of the Botanical Garden is Rod Laver Stadium where they host the Australian Open.

Melbourne seems expensive. This is probably a combination of three things: 1) I’m used to cheap prices the last two months, 2) Melbourne is a big city, and 3) The dollar has taken a big dump against the Australian dollar. Like in Canada, prices didn’t change to reflect the shift. Here, they might never shift because there isn’t the proximity or reliance on the US like there is in Canada.

I would really like to go see an Australian rules football match and/or a cricket match before I leave. I have no clue what the rules are to either sport, but it would be fun (so long as the cricket match isn’t one of those week long games).

Trip Odometer

Posted by on February 14, 2008

Yesterday marked the 11 month anniversary of me closing on my house and starting my trip. I took the time and made an estimate of how far I’ve traveled during the last 11 months. I used Google Earth for this estimate. I rounded everything to the nearest 10 miles. It doesn’t include short trips, walking, cab rides, subway rides, etc. I’m sure this is an underestimation as many of the distances I used straight lines, not actual routes.

Minneapolis - Appleton RT 520 miles
Minneapolis to Las Vegas RT - 2,640 miles
Minneapolis to Dallas - 870 miles
Dallas to San Antonio - 250 miles
San Antonio to Phoenix - 850 miles
Phoenix to Los Angles - 350 miles
Los Angles to Hilo - 2,500 miles
Hawaii - 250 miles
Honolulu to Papeete - 2,720 miles
Papeete to Easter Island RT - 5,260 miles
Papeete to Rarotonga - 710 miles
Rarotonga to Auckland - 1,850 miles
New Zealand - 1,800 miles
Auckland to Nadi - 1,300 miles
Yawasawas - 180 miles
Nadi to Apia RT - 1,600 miles
Apia to Pago Pago RT - 150 miles
Apia to Nuku'alofa RT - 1,100 miles
Samoa - 150 miles
Nadi to Suva RT - 180 miles
Nadi to Noumea - 750 miles
Noumea to Port Vila - 340 miles
Port Vila to Honiara - 800 miles
Honiara to Rennell RT - 320 miles
Honiara to Nauru - 770 miles
Nauru to Tarawa - 430 miles
Tarawa to Nadi - 1,340 miles
Nadi to Honolulu - 3,180 miles
Honolulu to Guam - 3,790 miles
Guam - 100 miles
Guam to Saipan RT - 280 miles
Guam to Majuro RT - 3,700 miles
Guam to Palau - 820 miles
Palau to Manila - 1,030 miles
Luzon - 600 miles
Manila to Palawan RT - 720 miles
Manila to Taipei - 730 miles
Tapiei to Okinawa - 420 miles
Okinawa to Kobe - 680 miles
Kobe to Kagoshima - 310 miles
Kagoshima to Yakushima RT - 170 miles
Kagoshima to Hiroshima - 290 miles
Hiroshima to Kobe - 150 miles
Kobe to Kyoto - 40 miles
Kyoto to Osaka - 30 miles
Osaka to Tokyo - 260 miles
Tokyo to Nikko RT - 150 miles
Tokyo to Fukuoka - 600 miles
Fukoka to Busan - 130 miles
Busan to Gyeongju - 50 miles
Gyeongju to Seoul - 200 miles
Seoul to Hong Kong - 1,290 miles
Hong Kong to Macau RT - 80 miles
Hong Kong to Brunei - 1.190 miles
Brunei to Miri - 80 miles
Miri to Mulu - 70 miles
Mulu to Kota Kinabalu - 190 miles
Kota Kinabalu to KL - 1.030 miles
KL to Jakarta - 730 miles
Jakarta to Yogyakarta - 270 miles
Yogyakarta to Bali - 400 miles
Bali - 100 miles
Bali to East Timor - 710 miles
East Timor to Darwin - 450 miles
Darwin to Melbourne - 2,000 miles

Grand Total: 57,000 miles or approximately 92,000 kilometers

Here is a much nicer visual representation of the trip:

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