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Fear and Loving in Bali

I have found that you get the same questions from every cab driver in the world: Where are you from? Is it your first time here? How long are you staying? When did you arrive? In the few taxi trips I’ve taken in Bali, after saying I’m an American, every cab driver has said the […]

Bali Postcard Contest

OK lurkers, it’s that time again. Time for postcards from exotic places. My last postcard extravaganza was back when I was in Palau. This time I’ll be sending postcards from Bali. I have two objectives in doing this: First, I’m trying to flush out people who read and never comment. It is nice to know […]

Daily Travel Photo – Savai’i, Samoa

This is a long exposure shot of the Southern Cross taken in Samoa. The light on the palm tree is ambient light from a near by building. The exposure was about 30 seconds. I adjusted the exposure in Photoshop to make the palm tree more apparent, and that also brought out more stars. The Southern […]

Bali. Hi!

One of the realities of running a travel blog is that you can’t update every day. The last 48 hours I’ve been incommunicado and it has been a pretty interesting 48 hours. I didn’t get a lot of sleep, managed to drive down the funeral route of a former president, saw a volcano and almost […]

Nuff Said

Bali 81°F/27°C Minneapolis -6.9°F/-21.6°C, -31°F/-35°C Wind Chill

Daily Travel Photo – Korror, Palau

Read more about my adventures in Palau.

Daily Travel Photo – Sarawak, Malaysia

When I saw this sunbeam in Deer Cave, I knew I had to get the shot. I held up my cave guide for like 10 minutes just trying to make the shot right, which was very difficult given the lighting conditions.

The Road to Bali

My journey to the Sangiran Early Man Site was a bit of a let down to say the least. It was by far the least impressive World Heritage Site I’ve seen so far. It consisted of a museum with two rooms of fossils and fossil replicas in glass cases. That’s it. They are working on […]

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