Off to Gyeongju

First meal in South Korea
First meal in South Korea
After resting in Busan for two days, I’m off to Gyeongju. Gyeongju is an historic down in Korea and has two World Heritage Sites. I’ve been staying at Zen Backpackers in Busan, which is different that most places I’ve stayed in that it is an apartment on the 29th floor of a high rise building. Everyone I’ve met here is either coming from Fukuoka or going to Fukuoka. It is definately the place to stay if you are traveling through Busan.

I’m hoping I can work my way to Seoul in just a few days. There are only a few stops I want to make between here and there and it is starting to get cold. It was 0 this morning (I’ve fully converted by brain to metric now, by the way. That would be 32F to the folks back home). My stay in Korea will probably be relatively shorter than my stay in Japan just because I desperately want to start heading south.

The food here is very good. In addition to the meal you see in the photo, I’ve had shabu-shabu and samgyeopsal. Samgyeopsal was really fun. You could it right on your table. I ate both shabu-shabu and samgyeopsal with Hye-Jin, a girl I met on the boat ride over from Fukuoka. I a good time was had by all.

I am going to have to make a serious effort to go out of my way to visit a McDonald’s in Korea to do my update…